Millennial Women Say Nerds Make The Best Husbands

Ladies - if you’re looking for a good man to settle down with, social media has some advice: go for the geek. Isabel Brown is one of many singing their praises on TikTok. “Nerds make the best husbands,” she says in a clip. “It’s a fact.”

Brown calls out the trope in movies, books, and TV shows where nerdy girls get the glow-up when they grow up, but we never see that for geeky guys. She shares her top three traits that make anti-jocks the ideal partners. “Hear me loud and clear. If he owns a lightsaber — green flag,” she says, adding that if he has bought a wand from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter it’s the “greenest possible flag.” Brown also shares that if he has an “unhealthy obsession with Ashoka Tano, you better run to the altar.”

She’s definitely not alone in her love for the nerds, lots of other women are praising their loving, dorky husbands. And a relationship guru, known online as UrDivorceSurvivalGuide, agrees and explains why he and other dweebs make the best partners. Not only do these guys learn the importance of loyalty, honor, and character through their nerdy interests like anime and the “Star Wars” universe, but they also see all the “hot guys” get the girls and watch as they don’t treat them right, so they learn what not to do in a relationship.

“Find somebody who used to be ugly, a nerd — one of the rejects,” he advises, “and that person, oh my god, that’s the person you want.”

Source: NY Post

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