Amazon Driver Delivers Package During Police Standoff

Amazon van making deliveries

Photo: Getty Images

If you want to see true job dedication, you need only look at an Amazon delivery dude that’s gone viral on TikTok.

In the video, which now has more than half-a-million views and around 30K comments, the guy can be seen making his delivery…in the middle of a police standoff.

Making his way through more than half-a-dozen police vehicles, the guy strolls up to the apartment complex that’s being surrounded.

Eventually, he’s intercepted by what appears to be a member of the SWAT team…who took the package from him, and then the driver walks away…taking time to snap a picture and confirm that he’d delivered to package.

If that’s not worth a raise, nothing is.

Source: TikTok/mlktrk679 

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