DJ KHALED: More About ThatBillboard Disqualification

TeeRoy's 2 Cents:

  • Congratulations, you played yourself! 
  • Is Khaled being a sore loser or registering a valid complaint? 
  • I'd be pissed, too, if I cut some kind of deal that was supposed to lock in my success.
  • This is a bad look for Khaled, who isn't winning any new fans by crying over coming in second. 

We’re learning more about why Billboard disqualified a bundling deal DJ Khaled set up for his latest album from chart consideration. 

Billboard thinks there’s something sketchy about the company that makes Awake Energy Shot. Specifically, that retailer Market America is part of a multi-level marketing scheme. Back in 2017, Market America was hit with a racketeering lawsuit and allegations of being an “illegal pyramid scheme” that unfairly targets Chinese-American immigrants.

An online listing for Awake Energy Shot encouraged customers to buy 12 packages [of energy drinks] to 'push DJ Khaled and Market America to number one!” 100,000 equivalent album sales weren't counted -- a number Billboard disputes -- causing Father of Asahd to fall behind Tyler the Creator's Igor , which was also bundled with poster and T-shirt sales.

Khaled is planning a "major lawsuit" against Billboard . Meanwhile,Billboard has re-evaluated its rules about bundling deals and plans to announce changes next year. (New York Times)

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