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What Has Nick Cannon Said About Beyonce That Has Stirred The BeyHive?!

Nick Cannon woke up the Beyhive, as Beyoncé’s fans argued that Bruno Mars does not have more hits than Queen Bey!

During an episode of Daily Cannon, Nick was praising Bruno’s live performances.

“Have you ever seen Bruno perform live?” he asked. “Fire! ‘Cause he got his whole crew on stage with him and they be doing the little dances. It feels very Morris Day and the Time-ish."

Mason Moussette, then brought up the high prices for Beyoncé and Taylor Swift’s tours, and Cannon declared he'd rather see Bruno's show than theirs.

“You out your mind,” Courtney Bee Bledsoe clapped back while rolling her eyes, which then caused Nick to say...

“Who got more hits?” Cannon asked, and Bledsoe replied. “N-gga, Beyoncé! What you talkin’ ’bout? She then rattled off Beyonce's biggest singles and Cannon replied.

“I still believe Bruno Mars actually has more hit records.”

And now the Beehive is swarming.

Good luck with that Nick.

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