#GoodNews: Good Samaritans Rescue Driver Trapped In Burning Car On I-94

Last week, 71-year-old Sam Orbovich was driving down I-94 in Saint Paul, Minnesota, during rush hour when his SUV struck a light pole and then a guardrail. His vehicle caught fire and he was trapped inside with flames on one side and the highway guardrail preventing him from opening his doors on the other side. Fortunately, multiple good Samaritans stopped and rushed to his aid.

Dramatic video from the scene shows more than a half dozen bystanders desperately trying to pull open the doors to Orbovich’s car. Even when a small explosion from the vehicle interrupted their life-saving efforts, it didn’t stop the group from risking their own lives to try and rescue the driver. Eventually, a state highway service patrol person arrived and busted out the driver’s window, allowing them to pull Orbovich to safety.

Despite the intense heat and smoke, none of the good Samaritans were injured during the rescue. And thanks to their brave actions, Orbovich survived the ordeal with only minor injuries. Had it not been for the selfless efforts of these strangers, the outcome would have been much worse.


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