#GoodNews: Taco Bell Manager Saves Life Of Baby Who Stopped Breathing

A mother's quick action and a Taco Bell manager's heroic response saved an 11-week-old baby's life at a drive-thru in Richboro, Philadelphia, last weekend. Natasha Long noticed her son, Myles, was struggling to breathe and turned blue. Hearing the commotion, Taco Bell manager Becky Arbaugh rushed outside and started performing CPR, reassuring the mother until her baby started breathing again.

Arbaugh, a mother of four herself, used CPR skills she honed from previous experiences with her children. Paramedics arrived shortly afterward and confirmed that the manager’s actions had indeed saved the baby's life. Taco Bell expressed pride and appreciation for Arbaugh's swift response, calling her a hero.

Deeply grateful for Arbaugh's lifesaving help, Long reached out to express her thanks and has since connected with her. The two mothers are now bonded through the incident and Long has been sharing updates with her new friend Myles through photos and videos. For her part, Arbaugh is grateful to have been able to help and after receiving praise from so many of her work associates, she’s proud to be a part of the Taco Bell family.

Source: ABC NEWS

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