Westlake Police Blotter: Mitchells Ice Cream Window Shattered By BB Gun

WESTLAKE, OH - On 1/27/23 at approx. 11:30PM WPD received a call from employees at Mitchells Ice Cream on Detroit Rd reporting that they heard 2 loud pop sounds and noticed a window on the business had been shattered. Officers responded and discovered a BB or pellet had penetrated one of 2 glass panes on one of the windows on the building. Upon searching the area, 2 other businesses had damaged windows as well. Criminal damage reports were taken and investigators are attempting to gather surveillance footage in the area to develop a suspect. 

On 1/28/23 at about 1PM officers responded to the Porter Public Library for a theft report. The patron victim had set his wallet down on a counter for a couple of minutes. Upon returning the wallet was missing. The item was later found in a garbage can at the facility minus the cash that had been inside. Investigators believe the crime of opportunity suspect has been identified although additional evidence is being collected before charges will be filed.

On 1/28/23 at approx. 6:30PM a caller reported a “blond male” waved a gun at him in a parking lot of Crocker Park and “was going to jump him.” The suspect reportedly fled the area in a vehicle after exchanging words with the complainant. The suspect vehicle could not be located at that time. The complainant explained that he was trying to park in one of the garages when there was a road rage incident between the parties. During the argument, the other male supposedly showed the firearm and threatened him with the gun. Later in the night, the complainant located and confronted the suspect, again at Crocker Park. They again argued and police intervened. A black replica BB Gun was recovered from one of the vehicles. There were conflicting statements about the multiple altercations where both parties exited their cars to confront each other. There were also alleged threats on both sides of the argument. All parties were advised about engaging in escalating in road rage arguments. The prosecutor ruled that no charges would be filed. 

On 1/30/23 at about 6:30AM WPD received a call from a citizen on Weybridge Dr reporting that someone had taken the Toyota SUV from their garage during the overnight hours. Surveillance in the area showed a sedan and full sized pickup truck driving on Weybridge at about 3:25AM. At least 1 person is dropped off and approaches the garage. It appeared that the overhead garage door was accidently left open and keys left in the missing vehicle as there were no signs of forced entry. In all 2 wallets and the vehicle were reported as stolen. The SUV was recovered on 1/30/23 at about 11PM at the CMHA building at 2408 Cedar Ave. Evidence was recovered from inside the vehicle and will be analyzed. 

On 1/30/23 at about 5:45PM a resident came to WPD to report a fraud. She had received a text message regarding a fraud alert from 5/3 Bank in connection with a transaction made to Zelle.The victim had not made any transactions through Zelle. She then received several cell phone calls from someone purporting to be 5/3 Bank Customer Service who talked the victim into letting them have control over her online account. In all approx. $1000 was taken from the account. Investigators are following up. 

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