This Restaurant Serves The Best Crepes In Cleveland

Plate of crepes with berries on black background

Photo: Getty Images

I like to think crepes are the everman's pancake, as they are usually presented in one of two varieties: sweet or savory. They are often served with a wide variety of fillings such as cheese, fruit, vegetables, meats, and a variety of spreads. Thus, there is always something for everyone's taste preference.

According to Yelp, Le Crepe Bakery & Cafe is the best place serving crepes in Cleveland. The restaurant is located at 2 Berea Commons. But don't just take it from us —Here's what one patron had to say about the restaurant:

"La Crepe is a super cute bistro located in downtown Berea. The crepes were delicious and reasonably priced for their large size, each crepe comes with a small side salad, too. The goat cheese crepe was delish! also you can never go wrong with the nutella/fruit crepe. They also have a large display case of very intricate delicious desserts. If you just need a cup of joe, they've got that for you too - all types of coffee. The employees genuinely care about your experience and checked in on us twice to make sure everything was as we expected. This is a great local lunch/brunch place. Their hours are limited so make sure you check before you head over!"

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