Ohio Man Eats Pizza Off Floor While Getting Arrested

Photo: Hubbard Township Police Department

An Ohio man recently spoke to officers during his arrest while simultaneously eating a pizza off his car's floor, according to WTRF News.

Just after 5 p.m. Sunday, officers were called to Doris Drive in Hubbard to respond to an altercation, according to a police report. When they arrived, officers found 31-year-old Daniel Good standing near his pickup truck, eating a pizza.

The incident all started when Good was trying to drive down the street, but two cars were blocking him, according to a police report. He laid on his horn and yelled at the two female drivers to move their car, which they eventually did.

For some reason, Good then went around the block, came back and started yelling at the women again. He pulled out a box cutter at one point and started cutting the vehicles.

While police were speaking to Good about the incident at the scene, they said he was very frustrated because during the ruckus his pizza had flew off the seat of his truck and onto the floor. However, he still ate the pizza off of the floor while talking to the police.

Good was charged with criminal damaging and aggravated menacing. He pleaded not guily at his arraignment yesterday (September 28).

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