Britney Spears & Sam Asghari Will Not Crop New Puppy's Ears: 'It's Cruel'

Photo: Getty Images

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari will not be cropping their new puppy's ears off and the latter explained just why.

On Wednesday (October 13), Asghari took to Instagram Story to explain why he and his fiancé made the decision to not have their Doberman puppy, Porsha, go under the knife. "First of all, we love her floppy ears," the actor told viewers. "Two, she's a lover not a fighter. She's a protector. And three, it turns out that it's actually pretty cruel to do that to Dobermans or any dog. It's actually a fashion statement. It's something that people do for cosmetic reasons, and you know, all the other excuses that are out there."

Asghari revealed that Porsha's tail had already been docked when they got the canine, but they wouldn't have opted to have the procedure done if they have been given the choice. As per Asghari, cropping a puppy's ears actually affects the puppy psychologically and creates that trauma because puppies are so young, and they're developing," before deeming the move "selfish."

"I highly recommend you educate yourself on these things," he continued. "I thought these dogs come up with their ears like that."

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