Billie Eilish Finally Gets Back At Jimmy Kimmel For Infamous 2019 Interview

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Billie Eilish sat down with Jimmy Kimmel for the latest episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the 19-year-old pop star had a vendetta she needed to put to rest. Eilish brought up to Kimmel if he remembered her last visit in 2019, where he went through references from the 1980s to ask if she was familiar.

"Do you remember the last time I was here?" Eilish asked Kimmel, continuing on to say, "and you made me look a little stupid?"

Kimmel went on to defend himself, saying he didn't mean to do any of it on purpose. Eilish continued to say, "I thought it was funny because I was playing along, and everybody thought I was actually serious and didn't know anything."

However, Kimmel was quick to point out that, "As I recall, you weren't familiar with Van Halen, and I was like, 'What!'" However, Eilish put him in his place. "Yes, there was a lot of things you asked, and I was like, 'I don't know.'" But then, Eilish came up with her own quiz to test Kimmel. "I'm making these up on the spot," she said before laughing and asking if anyone had a better idea before turning to Kimmel and saying, "Mommy? Sorry. Mommy? Sorry."

The TikTok joke went over Kimmel's head, with the late night host admitting, "I don't know anything." The episode also saw Eilish ribbing Kimmel for his age, with the pop star mentioning she had been 12 in 2014, and "how old were you in 2014? Think about that!"

Eilish is hot off the heels of her sophomore record, Happier Than Ever. The pop sensation was also named to become Glastonbury's youngest solo headliner as she's set to take the stage in 2022. She also recently attended the premiere for No Time To Die, with Eilish's collaboration with her brother FINNEAS serving as the theme song for Daniel Craig's final Bond outing. At the film's premiere, Eilish and her brother also got the opportunity to meet Prince William and Kate Middleton.

While the pop star has been busy with touring and making appearances, it was also recently announced that she will be singing "Sally's Song" as part of the cast for Danny Elfman's The Nightmare Before Christmas concert event on Halloween.

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