New Survey Reveals Whether Americans Would Buy A Haunted House

While some folks love to go to haunted houses for Halloween, others don’t have to go far because they actually live in one. And while you may be asking yourself what type of person would want to live in a haunted home, it turns out a few spooks doesn’t turn off all homebuyers.

According to a poll by, when confronted with the possibility of buying a haunted home, buyers tend to fall into three categories:

  • 18% of people wouldn’t be affected by a haunted home when making a decision to purchase a place, while that number goes up to almost 25% for those 35 to 54.
  • Then there are the people who would be willing to buy a haunted house if they get something in return, with 15% willing to buy it if the price was cheaper, while 9% would buy it if it had a larger kitchen or was in a better neighborhood.
  • But for some haunted is something they just can’t deal with, with 49% of buyers saying there’s absolutely nothing that would convince them to buy a haunted home, with 61% of buyers over 55 falling into this category.

And while you may think haunted houses aren’t all that common, it turns out quite a lot of people believe they’ve lived in one. In fact, 40% of people say they believe they've lived in a haunted, or possibly haunted home, while 44% say they either suspected or knew it was haunted before they moved in. As for how they knew it was haunted, 55% say they heard strange noises, while 45% felt odd feelings in certain rooms, and 34% reported erratic behavior in their pets.

  • So, should sellers actually inform buyers that a house may be haunted? Well, 34% of people would, while 27% would but only if asked, and 22% would say nothing at all.

Source: Business Journal

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