Drake takes another shot at Kanye on "No stylist" w French Montana.

You might be one of the people that actually could care less about the hidden messages that your favorite rappers are putting in their music or maybe you do.  French Montana just dropped "No Stylist" featuring the Canadian Rapp Phenomenon Drake.  Before I get into Drakes verse let's talk about French.  He is using autotunes heavy.  It's dope but it takes some getting use to especially when you're use to hearing French's real voice.  But it's a hot track.  Definitely got that "mumble rapper" sound LOL!  Chill French!  Now Drake.  Drake has one line on this song that people almost immediately picked up.  "I told her don't where no 350s round me".  Drake was referring to Kanye West's Yeezy 350 V2s.   These sneakers are iconic getting brought for big money on line and the sneaker that many people believe helped to make Kanye a name in the fashion world.   It's like going at one of this major arteries.  Drake wanted that one to hit Kanye hard I'm sure.  recently Kanye dropped a video asking Drake to tell everyone that he didn't sleep with his wife Kim.  How long will this feud go on?  the wife thing.....that's some real personal ish.  Not even sure why he would drop a video like that but I covered that story yesterday and you can check it out here.  We will see where this all goes.  For the record I don't think Drake is going to hurt Kanye's 350 sneaker sales at all.