'Space Jam 2' Is Officially Happening With LeBron James & Ryan Coogler

HUGE HUGE HUGE news! After years of rumors, Space Jam 2 has finally been confirmed, AND it’s 100% with LeBron James. What’s even better? It’s going to have Black Panther’s director Ryan Coogler directing, which hopefully means the quality is up to par. Obviously, Space Jam was a big success in 1996 scoring over $230 million worldwide, and maybe even Michael Jordan will do a little cameo on this just to connect the two. Looks like there is no official timetable, but production is, as of now, expected to start in 2019, which means we may not see it until 2020. But at this point, I’d rather them take their time on it and make it as good as they possibly can and not ruin it. It’s also going to be interesting to see which modern day NBA stars will be in it, a la like Charles Barkley in the original.