Coincidence? 3 people Em dissed on "Killshot" work for P Diddy.

This might get really bad.  No pun intended.  So as people continue to dissect Eminem's Machine Gun Kelly diss "Killshot" there seems to be a pattern to Em's shredding of MGK and shredding MGK he did. Now if you listen to the lyrics there are three people who Em mention and they all work for Diddy.  Joe Budden, MGK and Charlamagne who is on the Breakfast Club which airs on Diddy's TV Network Revolt.  Is this all just a coincidence? Maybe.  But let's be honest if you are into Rap Battle beef you will find something to beef about LOL!   the reason why some people are taking it a little serious is because Joe Budden said that Diddy is "going to handle it period".  As if Diddy is upset with Marshal and will handle it personally or something.  He made it sound like it was serious with Diddy.  As far as the three being connected to Diddy it may all just be one big coincidence.