Eminem's MGK diss "Killshot" breaks Youtube record.

Eminem breaks Youtube record with MGK dis track.  To be fair MGK's "Rap Devil" has 95 million views to date but as far as hitting those Em numbers as quick it's not happening.  First of all news of MGK "tricking Fallout Boy fans" to take a sneak dis pic for Eminem to see had spread like wildfire.  Video has also been released of MGK being booed by those same fans while performing his Eminem dis record.  I guess he think's it's cool to have someone like Eminem, who helped start your career not like you anymore.  I think he thinks he's actually a contender.  With all due respect MGK is not a bad artist but he has some ways to go before he can walk in Em's Nikes.  I think people forgot where Em came from.  Does the movie "8 Mile" ring a bell?  The boy came from the rap battle grounds of Detroit.  He lyrically fought his way to get where he's at.  I think MGK is like lunch meat to Em. Seriously.  I'm not joking.  This dude is feasting on MGK like a slow cooked BBQ.  Rumor has it that Em has another dis record ready to drop at any given moment.  I'm not sure MGK could take another hit like that.  He should just say "You win" smile and gracefully bail out. Would I?  Hell no!  LOL!