This is why people are saying Eminem destroyed MGK.

If you are just getting caught up Eminem has released a response to Machine Gun Kelly's Dis record "Rap Devil".  Now you might want to give each song a few listens to give yourself time to listen to the lyrics.  When I heard MGK's track you can understand pretty much every word where as Eminem's track you have to really listen or you'll get lost.  It might sound like jibber jabber to some which might make them prematurely think that maybe MGK got the best of Em.....that is until you really listen to what Em is saying and you realize he absolutely and slowly destroys MGK.   Eminem is rhyming fast but trust me it's a slow death.  I will certainly give MGK credit for a great dis record.  It was a great response from MGK but in a way it may have been exactly what EM wanted him to do.  Take the bait so to speak.  Either way man Em really went at this dude and in all honesty MGK should take the extra promo and keep it moving.  He's a talented artist and it's definitely true that some people who might not have been following MGK are following him  now.  I also understand he is currently promoting a new album or dropping a new album on the 21st?   So he is definitely benefiting from his beef with Mr. Mathers.  Hey I curious to hear his new album now.  Just saying. So here is the Eminem diss track below with the lyrics.  Read the lyrics, play it back a few times if you must and compare the two.  I think you will agree Eminem is a beast and ate that dude up.