We Spend More Time With Netflix Than THIS!!!!

A report by the Streaming Observer, did research to find out how much time people are spending watching Netflix.  According to the site, the streaming service has 117.58 million subscribers who watch 140 million hours of content each day, which means the average Netflix watcher is spending one hour and 11 minutes, or 71 minutes, each day watching Netflix.

Now to me that doesn't sound like a lot ( I know I spend a lot more time on Netflix) however that's more than parents spend with their kids!  2 recent studies say families only spend about 34 to 37 minutes of quality time together each day! Yeah...I guess the key word is "quality."

The report also suggests we are spending more time on Netflix than we are socializing (39 minutes), exercising (17 minutes), or hanging with friends (16 minutes).  Read the FULL story HERE!