Dating Rules You Can Break!

According to relationship experts say its OK to break these dating rules! 

Rule #1: Waiting three days to get back to someone - If you like someone call them the next day! 

Rule #2: Avoiding serious questions early on - It's good to ask questions about politics etc. It can actually be good for the relationship as well.    

Rule #3: Having sex after X amount of dates - Every relationship is different and you should do what right for you.  

Rule #4: Avoid talking about your exes - A few light questions about someone's past relationships can be very revealing and a good way to learn about the other person.

Rule #5: Thinking you should immediately hit it off - Don’t write someone off just because you don’t feel instant chemistry. It generally takes time. 

Rule #6: You’ll know if they’re “The One” right away - Most long-term couples didn’t know right away or even months later, so it’s okay if you can’t tell instantly.  Click HERE to read the full article!

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