Cardi B calls Nicki the B word on the VMAs.

Yo!  Cardi B straight up called Nicki a B on live TV during the VMAs!  No she didn't say her name but come on!  Nicki been going at Cardio for the last few days if not weeks if not months because now everything is suspect.  Nicki was posting up comments about being pregnant, giving up your freedom to have a baby, being embarrassed by your baby Daddy or man who won't commit which everyone knew were directed at Cardi or as they call it "throwing subs" as in subliminal disses.  We can also go back to when Cardi was about to have the baby and posted something like wait until I drop this baby b*($h!  Well she dropped the baby and at eh VMA she called someone a B#*CH!  Who do you think she was talking about?  My first guess was Nicki Minaj too.