New Jersey to legalize recreational Marijuana end of September.

Just in time for Elections I might add!! LOL!  But hey some say it's about time others think it should stay illegal but the reports are saying New Jersey to legalize recreational Marijuana by end of September.   I think at this point it's been made very clear that Marijuana is not as dangerous as once thought and more Americans are using Marijuana then ever before.  Reason being it's not nearly as harmful as something that's been legal for years, alcohol.  Many people are using Marijuana to "unwind" rather then let's say a glass of wine or a beer.  Marijuana has been know to fight all types of health issues from Cancer to M.S.  I have seen video records of people using it that suffer from seizures.  It's amazing to see how this has helped so many people suffering from this problem.  I'm no Doctor but I say if it helps then let them have it.  If you look at all the benefits from legalizing Marijuana from the tax revenue to the medical use it's a no brainer at this point.  And let's "keep it real" Marijuana probably is no where near as dangerous as alcohol.