Drake disses Kanye at Chicago concert.

OK what you have here is a very bitter rapper.  Yes I'm talking about Drake.  Rumor is Drake is going at Kanye.  Kanye is the target.  Some say he's not even worried about Pusha T who dropped one of the most hardest diss records in recent  Hip Hop history.   Some close to the bearded one say he is extremely upset with Kanye and believes Kanye fed some of his personal information to Pusha T who then used it as on the diss record.  I think we all will agree although it may have hurt Drake in some Hip Hop circles as far as his commercial success it seems to only have helped him and helped him big time.  Drake's latest album "Scorpion" has broken records set by The Beatles and Michael Jackson.  He hit the holy grail of the digital download world hitting 1 billon streams.  Almost sounds like a fictional character.  Maybe we should nick name him Neyo as in Neyo from The Matrix.