Survey Says Most Parents Are Okay Swearing In Front Of Their Kids

While a lot of parents will ask you to watch your mouth in front of their children, a new report suggests that more and more folks really don’t seem to care if you swear in front of their kids.

In a new UK survey, which could easily translate here, 52% of parents say they're okay swearing in front of their kids, with over 20% saying it’s fine to do so as long as they are “too young to understand” the curse. And that’s not all, another one third say they’ll continue to swear in front of their kids, as long as the kids understand they aren’t allowed to repeat them.

Overall, 20% of parents believe swearing is harmless, with two thirds of folks saying they’ve sworn in front of their children or someone else’s. Regardless of that, 64% of parents admit they are “worried” about the language their kids use, with 40% saying they’ve heard their child swear in front of them, with "s**t" being the most common word.

Some parents have found ways to get around swearing in front of their kids, by getting creative and using alternative words to express their feelings. Top alternatives to cursing include:

  1. What the frog
  2. Sugar
  3. Oh muck
  4. Shitake mushrooms
  5. Mothersmucker
  6. Oh cheeses (we also like cheese 'n'rice)
  7. Shut the Front Door
  8. Fire Truck
  9. Bull Spit
  10. Oh Ship 

Source: SWNS Digital

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