Oscars Announce The Addition Of "Popular Film" Category

The Oscars are making some BIG changes for their 2019 show and beyond… and people seem to be a little divided on how they feel about them. The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced Wednesday that they would be adding a new “achivement in Popular film” category starting with the 2019 Oscars. They also announced that the show would definitely only be 3 hours, and nothing more — and to achieve that, they would have to give away some smaller awards during commercial breaks. 

The changes were announced in a letter from president John Bailey and Chief Executive Officer Dawn Hudson. The two, in the joint statement, said: We have heard from many of you about improvements needed to keep the Oscars and our Academy relevant in a changing world. The Board of Governors took this charge seriously.”

Some people are happy because there's finally an additional category probably full of movies they've all seen, while some say it kind of discredits the other movies involved, and if they were actually good enough, they would just be in the general "Best Picture" category. What do you think?