Angelina Accuses Brad Of Being A Deadbeat Dad!

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Angelina Jolie is accusing Brad Pitt of not paying any “meaningful” child support since their separation.  He’s refuting her claims and calling it a publicity stunt.  Sources say she’s mad because he’s ready to get the divorce over with and this is all a publicity stunt for Angelina.  Details Here!   

Sleeping too much could lead to dying young according to a new study.  It suggests that too much sleep may actually be detrimental to it. A study out of the UK argues that people who sleep more than eight hours could get a “serious sleep disorder” that disrupts breathing, leading to an early death. In fact, the study suggests that those who sleep too much increase their risk of heart disease by 44%. Details Here! 

NFL will introduce first male dancers to cheerleading squads this upcoming NFL season.  Both the Los Angeles Rams and the New Orleans Saints are adding male dancers to their cheerleading squads for the very first time. While a couple of other teams do have stuntmen on their squads, this will be the first time men will be doing the same dancing moves as fellow female cheerleaders. Details HERE! 

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