Parents Are Shelling Out $20/Hour For 'Fortnite' Tutors For Their Kids

Imagine paying for your kids to be coached in something so inconsequential… but maybe *NOT* so inconsequential? It’s the questioning being begged by this new story out by the Wall Street Journal reporting that parents are actually taking their kids to Fortnite (the popular video game) “coaches” to “improve their chances of securing a Battle Royale win.” 

Parents are apparently even paying up to $20 PER HOUR… yes, PER HOUR, to help their kids improve their skills in the game. The game, if you haven’t heard, is basically the “in” game right now, and can be played on multiple platforms like iPhone, PlayStation, and XBOX. One of the parents said that they’re doing it because their children are “feeling pressure not just to play with their friends, but also succeed.”

Is this the same comparison to something like baseball or basketball private coaches or is it totally ridiculous?