Kanye West drops everything to be with his sick Father.

Kanye West has had a busy year and a controversial one at that.  All the media frenzy over him saying things to offend or uplift people depending on who you talk to.  One thing that we can never assume is that he's not human and doe not have feelings like the rest of us.  TMZ reported that his father was diagnosed with Cancer.  My father has beat Cancer twice.  My brother and sister also beat it.  It's a scary thing to go through not knowing wether or not they can be treated.  I will be taking my test soon to determine my status so when I say this M=Kanye story hits home you know what I mean.  Hit the link to get all the details and remember that Cancer is one of the biggest leaders of death amongst people of color in the United States.  Here is more information on the disease and where treatment centers in Philadelphia are located.   Make sure you call your doctor to get your check up.  In many cases they can catch it early and treatment will be available.  Kanye's father was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer which if caught in time can be treated and reports are saying the his father is responding well to treatment.  After a long crazy year Kanye West takes time to be with his Father.   Check out this video that surfaced of Kanye and an unknown at the time John Legend performing "Gold Digger".