Philly Fans Recreate The 'Philly Special' For Gender Reveal

This is some next level fandom right here! A local couple decided to do one of the best gender reveals we’ve seen yet — incorporating the Philly Special in the reveal! The video has now gone viral of dad-to-be Matthew Noble, who got his friends to “recreate” the Philly Special to show all their friends whether their baby was going to be a boy or a girl. His wife, Alexandra Paynter, may not have been the biggest football fan, but she took the whole thing in stride, saying that the group of friends “tortured me all last season at my house.” The video has gotten over 55,000 views in just a few hours, no surprise to die-hard Eagles fans all over Philly who are loving the video. Matthew and Alexndra’s baby Madison is going to be due December 8, coincidentally just a single day before the Eagles take on the Cowboys in week 12!