#TBT 2010. Meek Mill live performance to sold out crowd.

I remember this like it was yesterday.  Meek was an up and coming artist but his fan base exploded with singles like "Rose Red".  The internet was really starting to become the beast it is now and Meek was definitely in that mix.   You started to see on line sites like Myspace become a way to spread your music but Meek's grind was mostly on these streets.  His street buzz reminded me of 50.  When 50 Cent dropped "Wanksta" he blew up and before you knew it he was dropping hit after hit and everyone was on his music.  In fact I did a show with 50 as well but that's another story for another day.  Meek as we all know went on to become one of Hip Hop Rap icons.  He has become a major supporter of prison reform after his run ins with the law and his probation which he is still fighting I may add.  But back to this video.  This venue is called The Silo in Bern Township Pa right outside the Outlet Capital of the World Reading Pa.  It holds about 2200/2500 people.  Meek sold it out...twice.  Now at that time remember it was his street buzz that these Hip Hop heads knew about and they rapped along with every song word for word.  That had not been seen in Hip Hop in a long time.  This young rapper from Philadelphia managed to spread his music all over PA and eventually the world.  I have interviewed Meek on several occasions early on in his career and although he has become this bigger then life rap artist he always stops when he sees me and if he can he'll stop and ask how I'm doing.  He saw me come up too which is something we have spoke about a few times.  Last time I saw Meek we had a short conversation about the time he cut his hair and how the video had hit over 20K and how big that was for us at the time.  LOL!  Meek's always been a good dude when it came to his fans and keeps it real to this day.  MEEK MILL will be at Made In America which by the way will be staying on the Parkway AND you can win free tickets by hitting this link!  Meek's performance is sure to be one of if not the highlight of the evening.  #FREEMEEKMILL