Demi Lavato is recovering.

After a drug overdose Demi found herself in a hospital.  Reports starting coming in from everywhere about her and wether or not she was alive.  Demi Lavato is recovering in the hospital. TMZ had broke the story.  People close to Demi said they never saw it coming others say they did.  Some say she got into an argument with her sober coach and that may have set this relapse off.  Demi is one of the biggest stars in music and television.  Her career seems to be at an all time high which is why people are questioning why?  Why would someone so young and talented be caught up on drugs?  I guess I will let Demi tell the world what it is that made her fall off the wagon.  She was honest with her fans about falling off the wagon with her song "Sober" and now it's obvious she is in a bad place right now.  All we can do is hope for the best for her.