You Can Now Get Beers Delivered To Your Seat At Phillies Games

Imagine yourself chilling at Citizens Bank Park, watching a great Phillies game with your hot dog, and you need a beer (or another one…), and you don’t exactly feel like missing the game or getting up to get one. Citizens Bank Park is now changing the game, by allowing you to order a drink to get delivered to your seat, just by sending a text!

The Phillies and Aramark announced last Friday that fans sitting in a particular *DESIGNATED LOCATION* (very important) at the park can order beverages through the iMessage app on iPhones (sorry Android users). You can even get a simple water, or any type of beer delivered right to your seat in minutes. You also have to use Apple Pay, but hey, it’s worth it not having to get up at ALL! Especially if the designated area is not too close to the upper restaurants and bars. 

We hope they make this a permanent thing, and maybe even make it for ALL seats (imagine the man power needed for that!). More details at PhillyVoice HERE!