NAS's new album and his new business venture.

NAS is smarter then your average rapper.  Hell he's smarter then some of your investment broker.  NAS has been able to turn a small business venture into his own multi-million dollar come up.  NAS sold his shares of a company called Ring which was a mobile security system and app.  This small business transaction made NAS a reported $40 million.  He just hooked up a serious distribution deal with Universal Records of his Mass Appeal Records.  Many believe this is what NAS has been waiting for years.  Think about it.  His statement was "you will be hearing many NAS projects in the near future".  For an artist who had his fans wait 6 years and a late roll out on streaming the album this is a big statement.  We will be eagerly waiting and I'm sure his ex wife Kelis will be keeping an eye on his "progress".  But that's another story.  Hit this link to hear the album.