Drake performs God's Plan for first time.

I found this clip if Drake performing God's Plan and the crowd's reaction is nothing less then shear hysteria.  Drake from the sound of these crowds is on another level so far up I'm not sure if anyone can really catch up.  We just had a conversation the other day about "quotable" lyrics and some of the first names that came to mind were BIG, Jay Z and Nas.  From the looks of these videos and the crowds singing or rappsing along with every word is reminiscent of Biggie shows where Biggie would  just turn the mic towards the crowd and let them rapp the song.  Drake fans know every word.  Can't front Drake will most likely go down as one of the biggest rappers in Hip Hop but to keep it real the fact that he doesn't write all his own rhymes or the whole scandal  thing about that will I think always be a cloud over his head.  Hardcore Hip Hop heads feel an MC should write his own rhymes.  Hate it or love it Drake is still one of the if not the biggest Rappers in the game.  In fact you might even say he's running the game.