Sixers looking at Reading High standout Lonnie Walker.

If I'm reading this right the Sixers a taking a close look at Reading High grad and the Hurricane's Lonnie Walker.  They feel not only is he a good player but he's also a local player which is always a good thing.  Lonnie made himself available to the NBA draft and teams are definitely looking his way. Lonnie has become a hometown hero of Reading Pa where I'm originally from.  Reading takes their basketball and football high school teams very seriously.  Lonnie has become an inspiration to so many young people in a city where the drop out rate at one time was alarming.  A city where most people live under the poverty rate.  Reading was voted the second most poorest city in the country at one time.  But one thing I know about the people of this city is their strength and good hearted people.  Lonnie is a perfect example of how their families, high schools, coaches, fans and the community can make a huge difference in a young man's life no matter where they live and go to school.  Reading may be one of the poorest but they are definitely one of the richest at heart.  Good luck Lonnie!