Gabrielle Union's "Breaking In" Overperforms At The Box Office

Maybe this weekend’s box office returns will finally be proof to Hollywood that they need to give Gabrielle Union more leading roles! Her new thriller, “Breaking In”, broke out at the box office, grabbing $17.6 million over Mother’s Day weekend, which was even higher than Universal originally estimated on Sunday. The movie nearly grabbed 2nd place for the weekend, almost beating Melissa McCarthy’s Life of the Party, and on Sunday, Mother’s Day, the film DID grab 2nd place. Clearly lots of moms and families were interested in seeing Gabby kick some ass, and I don’t blame them — I saw it and she definitely rocked it. Even more impressive was it’s per-theater-average, which is basically how much each movie makes at each of its theaters during the weekend. “Breaking In” ranked 2nd for the weekend, only being defeated by “Avengers: Infinity War”. 

Basically: go see this movie & go get Gabrielle Union some more leading roles!