Kenan Thompson Has No Plans of Leaving 'SNL' Anytime Soon

It looks like Kenan Thompson will probably be on NBC's Saturday Night Live... forever. And that's not necessarily a bad thing -- he's definitely funny. But he made it abudantly clear this week that he is going nowhere in a new interview, and he relishes in the fact that he is the longest-running cast mate in the history of the series.

Page Six reports:

“I’m going to try to make that record as long as possible,” Thompson told People. “There’s no reason for me to run out the door. I feel very lucky.”

Thompson, who broke Darrell Hammond’s record of 14 seasons, spent years trying to get on the iconic sketch comedy show.

“It was one of those things that you talked about but never actually thought would become a reality,” Thompson, who turns 40 today, said. “For a couple of years I sent in tapes, but they were like, ‘You look kind of young.'”

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