WATCH: Ellen Subtlely Calls Out Kris Jenner For Lying All The Time

We're honestly surprised more people don't call out Kris Jenner for lying during interviews, but we finally did find someone, sort of, in Ellen this week! During an interview with Kris, Ellen slyly called out Kris for lying to her about Kylie being pregnant last year, and then segued into basically saying that she doesn't believe a word that comes out of Kris's mouth. The segment also kind of cuts off at a random moment, so maybe things got a little awkward after that?

The full moment, transcribed by W Magazine:

"Do you ever confuse your lies, like to me? Because you've lied to me all the time," DeGeneres asked, to the audience's (and Kris' actually seemingly uncomfortable) laughter. She also asked if Kris manages to "keep track of what is on the show and what's not on the show," to which Kris responded, "I pretty much lead a very confusing life. I’m confused at all times," agreeing with DeGeneres that that is her "natural state." 

"It's a natural thing. So I kind of just mumble along and, hopefully, you'll believe it," she continued. Degeneres quickly responded, "But I never do. I never do. I know you're lying about everything, so whatever I ask you, I just automatically think you're lying to me." To that, Kris said, "I know ... it's like opposite day"—right before the clip conveniently cuts off.