PA Gov. Tom Wolfe won't oppose Meek release!!!

From what I read in the news reports it looks like Meek might have really gotten a bad rap here.  Like they might have really been trying to do him dirty.  Question is was this judge really trying to control Meek?  Did Meek's arresting officer lie when he said Meek pointed a gun at him?  Were they trying to force Meek to sign with another record label?  This is messes up on so many levels.  Well after all of this it seems as though our Governor Tom Wolfe will not interfere with Meek's early release.  Apparently they believe something ran amuck here.  If and I say IF this judge did these things the question will be how long?  How long has she been using her gavel to control people to do her bidding?  Yeah it's that serious.  Aren't too many things more dangerous then a crooked judge.  Gov. Tom Wolfe will not oppose Meek's release from prison.